Indigenous Futrisium

My research focuses on Indigenous sciences and the ancient art of storytelling. The knowledge I acquire in my research is sacred to the communities in which my multimedia stories are centered.  I am interested in accountability solidarity and rebuilding of those stories within global community through a shared narrative.
Storytelling in indigenous cultures sustains communities, validates experiences, and expresses experiences of Indigenous peoples, nurturing lasting relationships by sharing of knowledge. The power of indigenous science lies in its ability to make connections and perceive patterns across vast cycles of space and time. Indigenous science collapses time and space with the result that our fields of inquiry and participation extend into and overlap with past and present.
Currently the Art Director and Education coordinator at the African American Museum of Nassau County.  I recently curated an exhibit at The African American Museum entitled, “African Genius,” The exhibit tells the history of Mathematics from the earliest mathematical instrument found in Africa to Benjamin Banneker's striking clock.  The exhibit spans over 37,00 years of African mathematical genius.